Bellydancer Turned Molecular Biologist Returns to her Roots in Jewelry Making!

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!!!

As my bio says, I've always made jewelry, going back to my rock hound days as a 5th grader in Farmer, Ohio, playing with my first rock tumbler.

Right after high school, I worked my way up to be a store manager for Zales Jewelers. It was the 80's, during the grand days of "Dynasty" and "Dallas", big hair, and *flashy* jewelry. I stayed there for 10 years and LOVED helping people pick out their wedding rings and gifts, be they birthday, holiday, or anniversary gifts! It was always SO easy and fun to sell jewelry. But, I also *yearned* to be at the jewelry bench. I REALLY loved watching my jeweler work, always had lots of questions for him, and soon learned many of the easier techniques to do myself in our back studio.

After Zales, I went to college, and eventually earned a Masters Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (surprised the heck out of me, too!). I now work for an oncology drug company and do clinical trials data management by day.

Eight years ago, I started dreaming ALL THE TIME about my old jewelry store!!! The dreams were *persistant* and wouldn't leave me alone. It wasn't long before I took the plunge and started my own resale business. I catered to belly dancers and stage performers as I had been a bellydancer for about 20 years at the time. With this business, I travel to weekend dance shows and vend my "big-a** rhinestone jewelry" for stage. This rhinestone jewelry is all imported goods and I do NOT sell these on Etsy (pet peeve - people reselling imported goods on the hallowed grounds of Etsy!!!).

Almost immediately, I started making jewelry again (of course, it is *impossible* to stay away) and am now looking forward to the day I can retire from my day job and just make jewelry! I LOVE having Etsy as a venue to sell my handmade jewelry and I love that Etsy stands for hand-made!

I live in the SF Bay area and have found several excellent teachers of jeweler skills, so I continue to add to my repertoire! My studio is growing daily as I pick up new skills, techniques, and tools. My first love is resin and I'm inspired by historical women of the Middle East, Victorian times, and early 20th century European burlesque houses (and Swarovski crystal!). I'm doing more soldering every week and will start incorporating metalwork into my pieces, soon!

I'm supervised by my kittehs, Mira and Pippi. Mira is very particular how I make my jewelry, leaning in very closely to inspect my work, and she makes frequent appearances in my newsletters!

IF you've made it this far in my rambling story, ask me sometime about what is was like to live at a casino with my husband, the elephant trainer, in the elephant barn for 17 years with Bertha and Angel, the casino's 2 elephants!!! YES, this is ALL verifiable!! I live a blessed and VERY interesting life that is full of love and laughter!!! hahahah!!!

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