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Before and After

before and after

Before and After Crystallization with Swarovski Crystals


I love taking old, broken bits of vintage Kuchi jewelry and making them into new, sparkly one of a kind pieces!  Here is a before and after shot of a necklace I just made – the cylindrical beads are called prayer boxes and often, the ends will come off to reveal a space in which a tiny scroll can be stored – the ends don’t come off these.  I especially love this piece because it has bits and pieces from at least eight different necklaces! All my Kuchi pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art.  The original, handcrafted Kuchi pieces are all unique and I don’t repeat combinations of elements or colors when I make these – each original piece calls for a different treatment.  Click here to see this piece in my store! ;~D

Finally! A post from my bench!




Okay – My bench always seems sooooo messy and NOT glamorous, I’ve been putting off taking a pic! I DO want to start taking pics regularly, so I can see some of my pieces as they are developing. So, here goes!!! ;~D

Also, below are some of the new pieces I’ve been making – still haven’t shot for Etsy, but will hopefully get them in there soon. If you see a piece you will die if you don’t have, ping me through Facebook!

Here are some earrings I made this week – feeling Spring in the air, so made a lot w/flowers. ;~D

Spring is in the air!
Spring is in the air!

 I’m also really focusing on making Kuchi pieces as Rakkasah is right around the corner – just THREE more weeks!!!

Reborn Sparkly Kuchi Jewelry
Reborn Sparkly Kuchi Jewelry

 AND I can’t resist the Egyptian Revival style!! Here are a couple new pieces.


Bronze and Pink Scarab with vintage gems

Bronze and Pink Scarab with vintage gems


Bronze Winged Scarab with Green Opal rhinestones and vintage Peking glass drops

Bronze Winged Scarab with milky sea foam green rhinestones and vintage Peking glass drops



Cool stuff I Pinned this week

Could Use Some SparkliesYes, I am stealing the tagline from my favoritest blogger, ever, the Bloggess – but I digress. ;~D  I love to Pin on Pinterest, when I have the time – but I have to be careful – one little peek and I’m in there for hours!  I just created a board for Bohemian Fashion – I think a lot of my jewelry is perfect for the Bohemian look!  I also added to my Art Nouveau , Egyptian Revival, and Edwardian Fashions boards. ;~D  This gorgeous pic, by the way, is from a really cool blog, Glam Radar and their post on Fashion Rules Worth Breaking.

Who IS this darling girl?

Pamela Colman Smith circa 1912

Pamela Colman Smith circa 1912

This is Pamela Colman Smith, an artist who was intensely involved with theatrical arts and  illustration around the turn of the century in England. She attended art school for a short time and worked many years in illustration.

But WHO is she? SHE is the artist who illustrated the Waite-Smith Tarot Deck! THOSE are her gorgeous illustrations!

Click HERE to read more about her – and stay tuned from some tarot necklaces!

OOAK – What the What??

One of a Kind Victorian style necklace with vintage glass pearls, gems, and cabochons.

One of a Kind Victorian style necklace with vintage glass pearls, gems, and cabochons.

OOAK is Etsy speak for One of a Kind -my favorite kind of jewelry to make.  I do a few things in a production style, like the domino necklaces, resin cameos, earrings, and a few other things.  But, my FAV, by FAR is making one of a kind creations – that can NEVER be duplicated, because they contain one-of-a-kind or very rare elements AND because my artistry goes into each one. I work out the color and element combinations – often spending many hours experimenting and reworking different parts of it until I’m satisfied. This is why some of my necklaces are only $20 and others are a lot more. When pricing my pieces, I take into account the cost of the elements along with the rarity and time I put into creating it.

Lots o’ Links!

As far back as I can recall, I've been fascinated by Sparklies! ;~D

As far back as I can recall, I’ve been fascinated by Sparklies! ;~D

Oh yes, there are lots o’ links to populate on this here ol’ site! I’m plugging away at it. ;~D Having a lot of fun and hope you’ll check back often to see what’s been added. The MOST important thing that I want to work is my Little Shop Of Sparklies!  I’ve heard it’s not working on Chrome and am looking into it with my support. If you encounter problems with the Shop, please let me know! ;~D

Here’s a pic of me – reminds me of how I’m looking these days trying to figure out WordPress! ha!

Mata Hari

mata hari necklace blog post

Mata Hari Cameo Necklace

Mata Hari is famous for having been a burlesque dancer at the Moulin Rouge and for having been executed for being a German spy during the first world war. What is not so widely known is that in addition to being a famous dancer, she had many many pictures taken and they are widely available today on advertising postcards from the Moulin Rouge. She was very photogenic and portrays many different emotions in her shots.  I LOVE creating cameos and domino pendants with her image on them!

Resin Cameos

resin blog

Side view of resin dome and hand placed Swarovski crystal.


Click HERE to see my resin cameos!

I’ve been making resin jewelry for a few years, now and I am always amazed by how beautiful my pedants come out!  I use artist grade resin which never yellows and has a durable, high gloss finish. The process of making a resin pendant is long and involved. First, I source the images, edit the graphics, print them on high quality paper, seal each image 3 times (front and back), apply fine lines of glitter, adhere the images to a base, and then, finally, pour resin! I babysit the resin for several hours after pouring, to eliminate bubbles. After this, I let it cure for 3 days before doing any additional processing on the piece. :-) It is a tedious process – but I LOVE the results!


Thar be Mermaids!

ships masthead necklace

Sailing Ships Masthead Necklace

I am coming to love all things from the sea. I blame it on my grand-daughter. She’s a silkie. Or so we suspect. :-)

This sweet little necklace has mirror imaged vintage brass ship’s mastheads with a vintage seashell-pink glass cabochon, vintage sea-green faceted glass gems, and contemporary glass beads in a variety of deep blues, grays, and greens – contrasted with dark bronze filigree beads and mounting.

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